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Important Events

  • July 26

    Class Choice opens for Fall semester

  • July 19-Aug. 2

    Fall Sports Begin/Tryouts held

  • Aug. 1-3

    PLC Conference @ CCHS

  • Aug. 11

    Yearbook/ID Picture Day – please come in and get your picture taken!

  • Aug. 12

    First Day of School!

School Announcements

Upcoming Activities
  • Fall Sports Tryout Information – visit THIS PAGE for info!



Our Language Arts students have been completing a Service Learning Assignment. Service learning is defined as “an educational approach that combines learning objectives with community service in order to provide a pragmatic, progressive learning experience while meeting societal needs.”   Check out some of the amazing things our students have done.

-Lap Quilts

-Warming Others 

-SwitchPoint Donations

-Teaching Hula

-Bike Rodeo



Growth Mindset Students
  • AJ Mees

  • Alex Bailey

  • Alex Young

  • Azia Campbell

  • Brynlee Boucher

  • Charlie Cummings

  • Emma Rizzuto

  • Faith Thompson

  • Genavieve Johnson

  • Grace Degan

  • Isaiah Brown

  • Jacob Ahee

  • Stockton Hart

  • Viviana Santiago

Student of the Month – April
  • Senior – Emily Hicks

  • Junior – Canyon Kutch

  • Sophomore – Kauri Sullivan

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CCHS Vision & Commitments

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#Run As One!

Why the Mustangs?

Wild mustangs have roamed the American West for hundreds of years. Mustangs are proud, strong, and intelligent, yet their survival and safety is dependent on the herd. The herd works together to fight off any danger and separate herds will even join together to fight and run as one large herd. Just like the wild mustangs of the American West, the Crimson Cliffs High School Mustang Herd is strong, proud and intelligent; but it also works together to support each other in the classroom, on the stage, on the field, and in the community. We are only successful together, in The Herd, where despite our differences we Run As One!