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Sterling Scholar Info

To all Sterling Scholar Hopefuls:

Thank you for your interest in the Sterling Scholar program at Crimson Cliffs High. Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior, it is never too soon to prepare. Most successful candidates begin early by participating in both school and community activities.

Please read through the materials given at the orientation meeting or in the box to the left as they relate to the requirements for Sterling Scholars. We hope you will find great satisfaction as you challenge yourself and seek for excellence along the way, and as you commit to fulfilling all aspects of the competition.

To apply students will need to do the following:

•Attend the Orientation meeting (listen for announcements)

•Complete the Intent Form     (File > Make a Copy, then type answers and print it)

•Complete the Application      (File > Make a Copy, then type answers and print it)

•Turn in the completed paperwork to Ms. Miller (Room 237) or Mrs. Youngberg (Room 235) by the due date.     

If you are not already aware, the Utah Sterling Scholar program is the largest scholarship program for Utah high school students. The scholarship money received varies from district to district and from college to college within the state of Utah. Even though you may not be a winner or runner-up, the honor of competing is a great addition to your resume and portfolio.

Should you decide to compete your senior year, we encourage each of you to give your very best to the competition on the school level. Winners will also have the privilege of representing Crimson Cliffs High at the regional competition in the spring.

Summers are a crucial time for preparing to enter the competition in the fall. Increase your community service, find ways to lead out, and begin collecting items to demonstrate your success in scholarship, citizenship, and leadership. All this will give you a jump-start and ease the stress that befalls so many once school is in session.

For further information about the Sterling Scholar program you can log on to or and link to Sterling Scholars by clicking departments, then secondary education, then students, then academics, and finally Sterling Scholar.

Thank you again for your interest in the Sterling Scholar program. We look forward to working with you and supporting your efforts in this competition.


Mr. Taylor – Principal
Ms. Miller – Coordinator
Mrs. Youngberg – Coordinator