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Drivers Education Information


All students should have their driving permit before they register for their online course. Use the guidelines below to know when to register for your online course.

*All those birthdays that fall between November 1 through January 31 should register for a 1st Quarter 

*All those birthdays that fall between February 1 through April 30. should register for 2nd Quarter

*All those birthdays that fall between May 1 through May 31. should register for 3rd Quarter

*All those birthdays that fall between June 1 through July 31. should register for 4th Quarter

*All those birthdays that fall between August 1 through October 31 should register for Summer Session


STEP 1: At the age of 15, students can go with a parent/guardian to the DLD to take the written test in order to get their permit. They must have their birth certificate, proof of residency, and social security card in order to take the test. The cost is $20.

STEP 2: Students can register for Drivers Ed. Class after receiving their permits. All classes will be taught online through Canvas using the students school email account (see instructions to the right). Use the Registration link at the right to register for the class. The $125 Drivers Ed Fee must be paid through the school finance office BEFORE you register. IF the link says Closed, a class is currently in session. Registration will open again the last week of the current quarter for the next quarters class.

***If a student chooses to enroll in the online portion of the class somewhere OTHER THAN CCHS, there is no guarantee the student will be able to complete the driving test portion before their 16th birthday. Priority is given to students enrolled in the CCHS online class.***

IMPORTANT: As soon as the student receives a registration email from Canvas, ALL OTHER ANNOUNCEMENTS AND INFORMATION is contained in the Canvas course.

STEP 3: Students should be driving with their parent/guardian when they get their permit. They should obtain a minimum of 40 hours of driving, and 10 of those hours should be at night. Skills that need to be covered are parking, backing up, turning, signaling, driving on the freeway, etc.

STEP 4: Students drive with a driving instructor a minimum of five sessions and observe other drivers. As soon as you are assigned an instructor, please contact them to set up a driving schedule.

***Students will be scheduled to complete their driving as close to their 16th birthday as possible, but it is NOT GUARANTEED due to many various circumstances***

STEP 5: Students take the driving test with their driving instructor and must pass with an 80% or better. 

STEP 6: After passing the driving test, students will be able to get their license at the DLD. The cost is $30. 

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