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PHONE: 435-634-7015
FAX: 435-627-8770
Registrar Fax: 435-627-8252

Finance Information

Lori Rea – Finance Secretary – 435-634-7015 ext-3771

Office Hours
-for Parents — Monday – Friday 7:45 am – 3 pm
-for students – before school, after school, lunch

Fees and other School Payments can be made online at


  • All required fees must be paid before a student may participate in any sport or activity (Required fees are all fees that are determined by a student’s class schedule and athletic/activity participation.)
  •  Fee Waivers must be submitted to the finance secretary.
  • According to WCSD Policy, payments cannot be taken over the phone. 

Contact Us

4430 S Crimson Cliffs Way
Washington, Utah 84780

T: 435-634-7015
F: 435-627-8770

Registrars Fax: 435-627-8252


Mustang Logo

#Run As One!

Why the Mustangs?

Wild mustangs have roamed the American West for hundreds of years. Mustangs are proud, strong, and intelligent, yet their survival and safety is dependent on the herd. The herd works together to fight off any danger and separate herds will even join together to fight and run as one large herd. Just like the wild mustangs of the American West, the Crimson Cliffs High School Mustang Herd is strong, proud and intelligent; but it also works together to support each other in the classroom, on the stage, on the field, and in the community. We are only successful together, in The Herd, where despite our differences we Run As One!